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If you’re an owner or property manager of an apartment building, then the safety of your residents as well as the condition of your building is very important to you.


One of the more frightening crimes that can occur to a tenant is an invasion.


A home invasion is when robbers force their way into an apartment to commit a robbery or other crimes. It is particularly frightening because it violates our private space and the one place that we think of as our sanctuary.

Burglars work mostly during the day and when a residence is more likely to be unoccupied. Most burglars work alone and tend to probe an apartment complex looking for the right residence and the right opportunity. Home invasion robbers work more often at nights and on weekends when residences are more likely to be occupied.


CPS Security Services provides Security Guards around the clock to deter burglars and home invaders from entering your building.

CPS Security Services is able to provide customized service for the apartment communities.


Besides providing a security presence and enforcing your property rules, and state laws that we are governed by, we also work on building relationships based on trust with your tenants.


We believe that for officers to provide security at apartments they must not only be professional at all times but have a high level of effective communication skills.


This is very important to us because we know that our officers are not only representing CPS Security Services, but they are also serving as a representative of your property.

CPS Security Services provides a professional, safe environment your residents and insurance company will appreciate.


When it comes to protecting apartment buildings, vigilant security officers are at the top of their class.

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