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Ensuring your business premises are checked regularly by a mobile security officer can often be enough to keep your business premises safe and your costs down.

Patrol / sporadic inspections are an effective deterrent to criminal activity and can prove to be a very useful weapon in the fight against crime.


There are many different types of patrol inspections, each suitable for a different security domain.


Of course, you may find that your business will require several different types of inspections, so you may wish to combine them to further increase the level of security for your valuable property.


Some patrol types include:

- Surveillance Checks (i.e. Checking perimeters from within a patrol vehicle)

- External Checks (i.e. Doors, windows, fence lines, gates, etc.)

- Internal Checks (i.e. Turning off lights, heating/ cooling, temperature gauges and securing office doors and windows)

With a team of mobile patrol officers CPS Security offer mobile security officers, giving you peace of mind knowing that someone will be keeping a close eye on your business whilst you are not there.


With CPS Security mobile patrol services your site will be clearly signed informing any would be intruder, that we will be patrolling the area and that they are likely to be caught.


Our in depth training means our mobile security officers are well equipped to appropriately deal with any given situation with the protection of life and property always at the forefront of their mind.

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