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CPS Security Services Pty Ltd was established in 2006 and has been providing a wide range of security services solutions to a wide range of clients for over 14 years.

CPS Security Services is an Australian owned and operated company and is committed to delivering comprehensive security service solutions in a manner which is consistent with the highest standards found within the security industry and we lead the way with service excellence.

CPS Security Services is a leading provider of integrated security and related services and our team dedicate themselves to providing our clients with unsurpassed, personalised, quality services and whether your service concerns are residential, educational, commercial, industrial or government related we can cater for all your needs and whether your organisation is large or small, we provide a customized service solution to suit your needs for all situations.

CPS Security Services has been established to covers many facets of Security. We offer licensed Security Officers – uniformed or plain clothed. All officers are carefully screened by the Private Agents registrar and are well versed with meeting your individual requirements.


CPS Security Services pride itself on its ability to procure staff at the prevailing award of the day, train, manage and develop the skills of those employees and promote the outcome at competitive market rates.

Unit 11,10 Graystone Court, Epping, Victoria 3076|| Tel: 1300 798 719

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ABN: 89 127 898 873


Head Office (Victoria)

M/L: 759-048-40S

Unit 11/10 Graystone Court, Epping

VIC 3076

New South Wales

M/L: 000100756

172 Townview Rd 
Mount Pritchard

NSW 2170


M/L: 365-5174

Level 54, 111 Eagle Street, 

QLD 4000


M/L: 17502718

Marcus Clarke St, 

ACT 2600

South Australia

ISL: 263958

33 Warwick Street, 

SA 5081

Western Australia

SA: 48964

23 Tompkins Way 

WA 6112

Northern Territory

SFL: 1069

19 Smith St, Mall,

Charles Darwin Centre,