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When implementing security measures it’s all too easy to overlook your reception area. Many businesses will go to great lengths securing rear doors, loading bays and fire escapes and completely forget about the most obvious and most vulnerable entry point “Your Reception”.


Unattendant and insecure reception areas and lobbies provide rapid easily accessible entry to your business. In today’s world it is quite common for people to enter commercial premises by simply walking through the front door and if left it challenged there is no way of telling what they will be getting up to once they have access to your premises, staff, visitors and data.

CPS Security Services combines our security services with professional reception services to provide the ideal solution.


Our fully trained officers provide a high visibility deterrent to would be intruders and verify the identity and intentions of genuine visitors, controlling access to your premises. In addition to the obvious benefits of a highly effective visible deterrent our reception officers in depth training means he/she is ready to respond to any given situation with the safety and security of your property, staff and visitors always at the forefront of their mind.


The CPS Security Services Concierge officers are able to perform additional duties such as meeting and greeting visitors, giving directions, answering the telephone and light administrative tasks, and as you would expect the safety and security duties shall take precedence over any additional duties at all times.

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